Caleb Flerk - Some Trouble of a SeRRious Nature
Korean War Hero The Movie
Cast and Crew

Brian T. Finney, as Caleb Flerk
Caleb Flerk
Veteran actor Brian T. Finney stars in the leading role as Caleb Flerk, the adventurous hillbilly from Hockeyjock, Arkansas, who turned the county fair into an affair to remember!

Brian is no stranger to film. HIs many film and television credits include roles in The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000), The Devil Takes a Holiday (1996), The Immortals (1995), The Enquirers (1992), and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992). He also starred in three episodes of the television series, "Northern Exposure" (1992).

Andrew Finney, as George Murch
George Murch
Andrew Finney stars as George Murch, Caleb's buck-toothed partner in crime, who learns the danger of turning your back on an airplane.

Andrew appeared in the 1995 film Let It Be Me and starred in two episodes of the television series "Law & Order" in 1997.

Also Starring ...

John Tartaglione (Associate Producer) ... Navy Pilot

John M. "Jack" Garland (Music Score) ... Jake Bragan

Lauren Steffens ... Mabel

Larry Starr (Associate Producer) ... Morris J. Finestine

Philip Tucci ... Chicken Man

Robert Sean Miller (Assistant Director) ... Pa

Mathew Arnold ... Mountain Man

Among the myriad of extras on the set were two very special guests: Ralph Blazer of New England Comics and his daughter, Jessica.

"Ralph was the winner of the 'Some Trouble' contest we sponsored through Diamond," said Tucci. "I'm so glad they could be a part of this. Their presence was a comforting reminder of my comic-roots in this new venture. Without my experiences in the comic industry, particularly as a visual storyteller, I never would have been able to direct this film."

Korean War Hero The Movie